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Grenspostadres, your intermediary for reclaiming German VAT.


You are a Dutch entrepreneur who regularly makes purchases in Germany. In some cases, you also pay German VAT on your purchases. If you have your German purchases delivered to one of our German pickup points and you have an invoice showing the German VAT (Mehrwertssteuer - Mwst) on your purchases, you can reclaim this paid VAT. This is a challenging and time-consuming process.

Hire our services and don't worry!

As intermediaries, we offer the service of reclaiming your German VAT for you. This saves you time and effort, and we ensure that you receive the maximum amount of VAT refund.

What to do to get your German VAT refunded?

  • Request login details for the special website using the formulier aanvraag
    inloggegevens voor terugvragen btw uit EU-landen
  • You will receive your login details and the website address by post within four weeks after your request.
  • Afterward, you authorize on the special website to reclaim the German VAT on your behalf.
  • After the authorization, at the end of a quarter or calendar year, send copies of the invoices with separately stated VAT, proof(s) of payment to the supplier (e.g., copy of bank statement), your customer number, and your bank account number to the email address
  • Feel free to submit your German petrol receipts or invoices for small purchases that show paid VAT. We can include these in the request as well.

We then submit the application for 'German VAT refund' to the German tax authorities on your behalf.
Once we receive the VAT, we will transfer the refund amount minus a 10% intermediary fee to your account. There are no additional costs afterward.

This way, you can focus on what you're good at while we handle your VAT matters.Note: Requests can be submitted once per quarter if the German VAT to be reclaimed is at least €400. We can also submit it all at once at the end of a calendar year if your German VAT is at least €50. The deadline for submission is 9 months after the end of a calendar year!

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