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Why do we request address verification for Grenspostadressen?

Address verification

We understand that you may have questions about why we request address verification when you use our border mail address service. We would like to explain why this is so important and which documents we accept.

Why Address Verification Is Necessary

The reliability of our mail addresses is paramount, both for us and for our participants. If some participants do not meet their financial obligations, such as to an online store, it can have negative consequences. It may even lead to temporarily blocking orders for other customers at the same online store, effectively "contaminating" the address.

To prevent this, we use an advanced alert system. If a participant receives a letter from a collection agency or if a collection agency contacts us, it is immediately detected, and the participant in question receives a warning email.

Which Documents We Accept

For individuals, we accept the following address proofs:

- A letter from your municipality.

- A utility bill (such as water, electricity, gas - unfortunately, phone bills are not accepted).

- A health insurance bill.

- A registration or residence certificate from your German municipality.

- Proof of residence from your Belgian municipality.

We understand that some of these documents may contain confidential information such as financial data and customer numbers. You can make this sensitive information unreadable before sharing the address proof with us. However, it is important that visible information, such as the letterhead with your name and address, the name, address, and logo of the sender, and the date, are present.

Similar requirements apply to businesses/organizations:

- A letter or invoice from the municipality.

- A letter or tax bill from the tax authority.

In this case, you can make amounts and bank account numbers unreadable.

Privacy and Data Protection

We want to emphasize that we handle your data with the utmost care. Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us. Your data is not shared with third parties and is only used for address verification purposes. For more detailed information on how we handle your data, please refer to our privacy policy on our website.

What Happens If You Do Not Provide an Address Proof

If we do not receive your address proof, we, unfortunately, cannot activate your digital card or provide you with a plastic card to collect your mail. Without this card, it is not possible to receive your mail. However, your membership remains active until you decide to cancel it.

We hope that this explanation helps you better understand the importance of address verification. Our goal is to make your experience with our border mail address service as safe and reliable as possible. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always here to assist you.

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