Terms and conditions

Grenspostadres.nl provides an alternative postal address in the Netherlands and Germany, known as the Postal Address, for residents of the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium through a network of pickup points, referred to as the Pickup Points. Cardholders can have postal items sent to these Pickup Points and then collect them there.

1.0 Grenspostadres.nl: the organization that provides a Postal Address in the Netherlands for Cardholders.

1.1 Cardholder: an individual or organization that has registered for the services of Grenspostadres.nl and has received a digital Postal Address card for this purpose.

1.2 Pickup Point: the point of delivery for postal shipments.

1.3 Postal Address card: a digital card with a unique QR code that displays the name of the Cardholder. The same name appears as the address on the postal items sent to the Pickup Point by the Cardholder.

1.4 Pickup Rate: the rate to be paid by the Cardholder at the Pickup Point for mailbox post and packages.

1.5 General Terms and Conditions: the general terms and conditions of Grenspostadres.nl.

1.6 Removal Date: the moment or date on which received post will no longer be available for the Cardholder at the Pickup Point.

2.1 The Agreement is concluded between the Cardholder and Grenspostadres.nl. Grenspostadres.nl provides the Cardholder with a digital card and an associated Postal Address, which is housed in and managed by the Pickup Point.

2.2 New applications are subject to a risk analysis. If the result of this analysis is negative, the agreement mentioned in article 2.1 will not be concluded. Grenspostadres.nl is not obligated to provide a reason for a possible negative outcome of the risk analysis.

2.3 Grenspostadres.nl keeps the post shipments intended for the Cardholder available for pickup during the opening hours of the Pickup Point.

2.4 Grenspostadres.nl offers a basic package: post can be sent, stored, and collected upon presentation of the card. Some Pickup Points may mention one or more additional services on the website. The Cardholder has no rights to the continuity of these additional free services. The basic package does not include answering questions by email or phone at the Pickup Point. All questions can be directed to the general email address.

2.5 Grenspostadres.nl has entered into cooperation agreements with the Pickup Points, which regulate, among other things, the procedures and pricing in accordance with the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions and the content of the website.

3.1 The Cardholder must have a permanent residential or business address.

3.2 When entering into the Agreement, the Cardholder must provide a recent copy of a document showing their residential address, or in the case of a business, association, or foundation application, a recent proof of the business’s address. In case of doubt, Grenspostadres.nl may request additional documents before concluding the agreement.

3.3 The Cardholder shall pay an annual fee to Grenspostadres.nl as compensation for access to their Postal Address via the digital Postal Address card. The Cardholder is obligated to pay this annual fee regardless of whether they use the Postal Address or not.

3.4 The Cardholder is not allowed to use the Postal Address for any purpose other than receiving postal shipments; using the Postal Address as a business address is not allowed.

3.5 Mail that the Cardholder refuses to accept at the mailbox will be destroyed.

3.6 The Cardholder is responsible for regularly picking up the post shipments intended for the Postal Address, especially the packages. In addition, contrary to what is stated in the following section, the storage period for packages larger than the maximum dimensions mentioned in section 5.1.c., which are allowed at some of the Pickup Points listed on the website, is a maximum storage period of one week. If a Cardholder does not adhere to this period, they may be excluded from having these larger packages sent.

3.7 If not picked up in a timely manner (see 3.8), post shipments will be removed from storage. Mailbox post will be destroyed, and the Cardholder will lose ownership of their packages. Grenspostadres.nl will remind all Cardholders twice by email well in advance of this removal date to pick up the post shipments that have been present for too long.

3.8 The removal date mentioned in the previous section is the date, at least three months after the date specified on the mail item by the delivery service. If this date is no longer present or not clearly readable, the Pickup Point will indicate the date of the check during the quarterly inspection, which will then apply as the date normally specified by the delivery service on mail items.

3.9 The Cardholder shall immediately inform Grenspostadres.nl if any changes occur in the information provided to Grenspostadres.nl for the Agreement. Damage caused by the failure to timely report, for example, a new email address, shall be the responsibility of the Cardholder.

3.10 The Cardholder authorizes the Pickup Point to accept postal shipments on their behalf, even if a signature is required.

3.11 If a Pickup Point is temporarily closed due to force majeure or another circumstance, the Cardholder shall collect the postal shipments intended for them that cannot be delivered during this period on their own at the address left by the delivery person at the Pickup Point, or arrange for new delivery when the delivery person returns the postal shipment to the sender. The same applies when delivery services attempt to deliver postal shipments outside of opening hours.

3.12 If a Pickup Point temporarily closes or becomes unavailable, the Cardholder agrees to the designation of another Pickup Point, as close as possible to the closed Pickup Point. Information about such a situation will be provided as soon as possible via email and on the website. Grenspostadres.nl cannot be held liable for the notification of the closure if the Pickup Point does not report it. This responsibility resumes once Grenspostadres.nl is informed of the closure.

3.13 In the event the Cardholder requests compensation as mentioned in article 8.3, they undertake, when requested, to initiate an investigation into the delivery by the relevant delivery service and share the results of that investigation with Grenspostadres.nl.

4.1 The Pickup Point is obligated to register the QR code and/or name on the digital Postal Address card when collecting postal shipments.

4.2 The Pickup Point must refuse delivery of shipments if the digital card is not presented.

4.3 The Cardholder may take their postal shipments after comparing the information on the digital Postal Address card with the address on the postal item and paying a fee per item and package in cash to the Pickup Point, depending on the registration system. Depending on the registration system, the Cardholder may or may not need to sign for the receipt of packages.

4.4 In the case of a substantiated suspicion of fraud, the Pickup Point may request additional identification before releasing postal shipments.

5.1 The following postal shipments cannot be accepted at the Pickup Point and will be returned to the sender by the delivery service:

a. Postal shipments for which payment is required upon delivery at the Pickup Point, for the shipment itself and/or for the shipping costs.

b. Small packages and packages from countries outside

the European Union.

c. Packages that exceed the following dimensions and weight: 100x50x50 cm and/or 10 kg. For some Pickup Points listed on the website, this limit is: 175x78x58 cm and/or 20 kg.

d. More than 75 packages per year and/or 10 packages per month.

If postal shipments mentioned under b and c are nevertheless delivered to the Pickup Point, they will be treated as regular postal shipments. For these postal shipments, the compensation mentioned in section 8.3 in case of damage or loss will not apply.

e. Shipments containing:

perishable food items
strong-smelling goods
glass bottles with liquid contents
legally prohibited goods, such as weapons and drugs
materials that are explosive, highly flammable, or toxic
If shipments mentioned under “e” are nevertheless delivered to the Pickup Point and later turn out to fall under one of the categories mentioned under “e,” these goods will be removed from the shipments prepared for the Cardholder, and the Cardholder will lose ownership of the respective goods or shipments.

6.1 The amounts owed by the Cardholder to Grenspostadres.nl must be paid in full in advance.

6.2 For each payment made electronically, an invoice meeting the requirements of the tax authorities will be sent to applicants who, according to European tax rules, need to receive an invoice. If requested, these applicants must provide their VAT identification number.

6.3 Payments to the Pickup Point made by the Cardholder must be made in cash or, if available, by PIN.


7.1 The contract is concluded for an indefinite period of time.

7.2 Within fourteen days of receiving the digital card or physical card, the cardholder may revoke the contract by notifying us by email or in writing. The compensation paid by the cardholder will then be refunded within thirty days. At this point, Grenspostadres.nl will change the status of your card to “Inactive”, after which you will no longer be able to collect mail at your collection point.

7.3 The contract is terminated in the following cases:

1. by termination (in writing or by email) by the pass holder if he or she does not agree to a change to the general terms and conditions. The purchase costs of digital postal address cards are then returned for the remainder of the year.

2. by termination by Grenspostadres.nl (in writing or by email) in the event of an alleged use of the postal address for purposes that violate legal provisions, by breach of these General Terms and Conditions, if the collection point has reasons to deny the cardholder access to refuse to go to the collection point, or if Grenspostadres.nl has reasons not to wish to accept an extension for a new calendar year.

3. You become a member for at least 1 year and then for an indefinite period of time. After the first year, you can cancel your membership at any time, but a four-year notice period applies. Any remaining contribution will not be refunded (pro rata) to your bank account. Membership then ends at the end of the year for which contributions were paid.


8.1 Grenspostadres.nl compensates for damage when packages disappear while in the Pickup Point.

8.2 Grenspostadres.nl is not liable for damage to packages that it has kept in storage for the Cardholder, except in cases where it is likely that the damage could not have occurred except during the stay at the Pickup Point.

8.3 For loss and damage to packages during their stay at the Pickup Point, Grenspostadres.nl is liable up to a maximum of €350 per missing or damaged shipment.

8.4 Grenspostadres.nl accepts no liability for damage caused by the loss or theft of the digital Postal Address card in the broadest sense of the word.

8.5 When a postal item cannot be delivered to the Pickup Point or is refused there, the delivery service may return the postal item to the sender. Grenspostadres.nl will reimburse the shipping costs when the reason for refusal or non-delivery is attributable to Grenspostadres.nl.
No liability will be accepted for the non-cooperation or refusal of the sender to cancel the purchase. Likewise, no liability is accepted when such a postal item lacks the name and address of the sender, making it impossible for the delivery service to return the postal item to the sender.

8.7 Damage claims are no longer valid after seven days from the date of delivery of the postal shipment.

8.8 Information on obtaining compensation as referred to in paragraphs 1 and 2 of this article can be found on the website, www.grenspostadres.nl.

8.9 Grenspostadres.nl aims to present its content and design on its own website, Facebook page, and third-party sites as factually correct and up-to-date. Nevertheless, it is not possible to completely rule out errors. Grenspostadres.nl is therefore not liable for the timeliness, correctness, completeness, or quality of the information displayed.

8.10 Grenspostadres.nl’s website and Facebook page may contain links to other websites. Grenspostadres.nl explicitly declares that at the time of including the links, the linked pages did not contain any illegal content.
Grenspostadres.nl has no influence on the current and future content and presentation of the linked pages. Grenspostadres.nl therefore explicitly distances itself from all content of all linked pages, including when a link from Grenspostadres.nl is placed on a linked page. Likewise, Grenspostadres.nl distances itself from all content added by third parties on Grenspostadres.nl’s Facebook page and the content of any linked pages therein.

9.1 Grenspostadres.nl respects the privacy of visitors to the website and Cardholders and ensures that the personal information provided is treated confidentially. Processing of personal data is carried out in a manner that complies with the requirements of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

10.1 The Cardholder can address complaints or disputes regarding the execution of the Agreement to Grenspostadres.nl, Grenspostadres.nl
Robert Stolzstraat 68 7558CC Hengelo (NL), or by email. A substantive response to the complaints will be provided within a period of 14 days. If a substantive response is not possible, the reasons for earlier resolution will be indicated. The final resolution date will also be mentioned.

10.2 If the complaint or dispute persists despite the provisions of the first paragraph, the Cardholder may submit the dispute to the civil court.

10.3. Dutch law applies to the agreement.

11.1 Grenspostadres.nl reserves the right to amend these General Terms and Conditions if this is justified from the perspective of its operations, taking into account the interests of the concerned Cardholders and Pickup Points. Grenspostadres.nl will always inform the Cardholders of such changes.

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