Your Partner for Mail Delivery from the Netherlands & Germany offers the solution for mail and packages

from the Netherlands and Germany:

your own postal address in your Dutch or German border town.


Over 9,000 people have already joined!

To request a postal address

To acquire a postal address with, follow these steps:


Visit the website and navigate to the application page. Click on the button or link to register for a postal address.

Choose Your Postal Address

Select the desired postal address from the available locations based on the country from which you are ordering. Dutch pickup point for orders from the Netherlands. German pickup point for orders from Germany.


Enter your payment details to complete the purchase of your border postal address. accepts various payment methods, including credit cards, bank transfers, or online payment platforms.

Start receiving your mail at your border postal address

Once your registration is completed and payment is processed, you’re ready to use your border postal address. You will receive instructions on how to have mail delivered.

Essential for a Dutch person in Germany! Much easier than a P.O. Box, I use it for parcels, CanalDigitaal, and bank statements (cheaper!) Also for my wife’s magazine subscriptions.

A fantastic solution!

Robert v/d Veur, Haren


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