• How does this postal service work?

    At, we offer a convenient solution for all your mail and packages, similar to a traditional P.O. box.

    Your Post Address as a Personal Mailbox: Your post address functions as your own mailbox where you can receive mail and packages without them being sent directly to your home address. This helps keep your private address confidential and provides you with more privacy.

    Address Structure for Dutch Pickup Points: Your Dutch post address consists of your name, followed by the address of the chosen pickup point in the Netherlands. This address can be provided to all senders of your mail and packages.

    Address Structure for German Pickup Points: If you choose to use a German post address, the business name of your pickup point will be included in the address, followed by “z.hd.” (for the attention of) your name. Below is the address, postcode, and location name of your chosen pickup point in Germany.

    Example of Addressing: Let’s say you signed up with the name “J.K. Smit.” Variations of your name that can also appear on the mail include “J. Smit,” “Jan Smit,” “Jan K. Smit,” “Jan Karel Smit,” and “J.K. Smit-Bakker.”

    With, you gain the flexibility to have your mail and packages delivered the way you want. Whether it’s confidential correspondence or online purchases, our system ensures your mail is securely delivered to a location of your choice.

  • Select your pickup point based on the country from which you are ordering.

    Choose the appropriate pickup point based on the country from which you are ordering.

    Dutch pickup point for orders from the Netherlands.

    German pickup point for orders from Germany.

  • Where can I find the opening hours and address details of the Pickup Points?

    For all post addresses, please refer to the “Post Addresses” page.

  • Can you forward mail?

    It is necessary to personally pick up your packages at the pickup point. We do not forward packages to your home address or to any other location.



  • Can my Pickup Point also send mail on my behalf?

    No, that’s not possible. At your Pickup Point, you can only receive mail. If you have picked up a package at the Pickup Point and wish to return it, you can do so at the Post Office or at the branch of another delivery service, e.g., DHL. When returning, you will be asked to provide a return address, and you can enter your border post address there.

  • Are there Pickup Points in Belgium as well?

    No, currently we do not have any Pickup Points in Belgium.

  • What is the cost of participation?

    For a detailed overview of our rates and prices, we kindly refer you to our Rates page. Here, you will find information about the costs of our service.

  • Privacy

    At, we highly value your privacy. Processing of personal data is carried out in a manner that is in accordance with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Please also refer to our Privacy Policy at the bottom of the website for more information.

  • How can I contact you?

    At Grenspostadres, we understand how important it is to answer all your questions and support you in using our service. To provide our service as cost-effectively as possible, we have compiled an extensive list of frequently asked questions. These questions may already assist you with your current inquiries.

    If you don’t find an answer to your question, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Our dedicated team is always ready to assist you. For the fastest and most efficient support, we recommend reaching out to us via email. You can contact us at We aim to respond to your email within 24 hours.

What to use for:

  • How do I use my Post Address to sign up for a mobile phone subscription?

    Registering for a mobile phone subscription can be done by visiting a phone store, providing identification, and then specifying your Post Address as the address for receiving mail. You will receive the SIM card at the phone store. It’s not possible to apply online and have your SIM card sent to the Post Address. The delivery person will not want to deliver the SIM card there (to you).

  • How do I use my Post Address to sign up for Digitenne?

    Digitenne can administratively register multiple individuals as users at the same Dutch address. You can provide your Post Address for this purpose and, if desired, a non-Dutch bank account. However, not all areas in the border region have good reception! Much information about this can be found in forums. Additionally, you can test and experiment with an outdoor antenna for a month. Applying for Digitenne via the internet is only possible if reception is available at the address of your Pickup Point. You can test this on the Digitenne website. If there’s no reception at the Pickup Point, you can request Digitenne by phone or at a KPN store, and then provide the Post Address. During the application, you also need to provide a 10-digit Dutch phone number.

  • How do I use my Post Address to sign up for CanalDigitaal?

    CanalDigitaal can administratively register multiple individuals as users at the same Dutch address. You can provide your Post Address for this purpose and, if desired, a non-Dutch bank account. When applying at, you must provide a 10-digit Dutch phone number. Only the landline phone number is a mandatory field, but you can also enter your mobile number there.

    If you want to choose a subscription package that includes ordering a decoder and/or a satellite dish, you can do so by requesting it from a local dealer in the Dutch border town, who is familiar with customers in Belgium or Germany.

  • Which organizations accept a Dutch Post Address alongside your residential address?

    The following Dutch organizations are already known to accept an alternative post address in the Netherlands:

    -Tax and Customs Administration (also stated on their website)

    -Zorginstituut Nederland


    -Most banks

  • Can I use my post address for purposes such as taking out an insurance, dealing with the tax authority, or registering a car?

    We advise you to always consult with the respective authority first. If a residential address is requested, the address of your chosen pickup point cannot be used.

  • Can I use my Post Address as a mailing address if I don’t have a residential address (temporarily)?

    The government recognizes “mailing addresses” for individuals who do not have a fixed place of residence (temporarily). Your Post Address cannot be used for this purpose and is considered a P.O. box by the government. Learn more about mailing addresses here:

  • Can I use my Post Address to register my company as well?

    You are not allowed to use your Post Address to register your company.


  • Can I, as a Dutch, Belgian, or German citizen, also apply for a Post Address?

    Yes, Grenspostadres provides its services for all nationalities.

  • Can I switch pickup points?

    Certainly! Changing your pickup point under “My Post Addresses” is simple. Follow these steps:

    1. Go to our website and log in to your account.
    2. Navigate to the “My Post Addresses” section.
    3. Here, you’ll find an overview of your post addresses. Select the address for which you want to change the pickup point.
    4. Click on the option to change the pickup point.
    5. Choose the new desired pickup point from the available options.
    6. Confirm your choice and save the changes.

    This way, you can easily adjust the pickup point for your Post Address to better suit your needs

  • Can I use my QR code to access multiple Pickup Points?

    Yes, if you have multiple post addresses, you can use your QR code at the Pickup Points you have selected.

  • How should a post address for another person at the same residential address be requested?

    A second post address for another person at the same residential address is requested through our website in the same manner as the first post address.

  • Can multiple family members use the same post address?

    A post address is registered under one person’s name and is not a family pass. A family member can individually request a pass on the website.

  • I have applied for a Post Address and ordered an extra plastic card, but I have not received it yet?

    The card sent may take up to a week to arrive (Because it is sent from the Netherlands). If you haven’t received it after 2 weeks, please contact us at

  • If I haven’t received my Post Address card yet, how can I collect my mail?

    You can send and collect your mail immediately after applying. After your application, you will receive an email with a QR code. You can print this email and use it to collect your mail. Your plastic Post Address card, if ordered, will be sent to your home address.

  • What requirements should the proof of address meet?

    During the application, we require a proof of address that must meet specific criteria. We kindly ask you to take this into account, as unfortunately, other documents cannot be accepted.

    For private individuals:

    -A letter from your municipality.

    -A bill from a utility company (water, electricity, gas – no phone expenses).

    -A health insurance bill.

    -A Melde- or Aufenthalts Bescheinigung from your German municipality.

    -A proof of residence from your Belgian municipality.

    We understand that some information is confidential, such as financial details and customer numbers. You may make this information unreadable. What should remain visible: the letterhead with your name and address, the sender’s name, address, and possibly logo, and the date.

    For companies/organizations:

    -A letter or bill from the municipality.

    -A letter or assessment from the Tax and Customs Administration.

    You may obscure amounts and bank account numbers.

    The plastic card will be sent to the address on the address/registration certificate. The digital card will be sent via email.

    We want to reassure you that your information will not be shared with third parties. For more information on how we handle your data confidentially, please refer to our privacy policy on our website.

    If we don’t receive your proof of address, we can’t provide a digital or plastic card for picking up your mail. Without this card, you won’t be able to retrieve your mail, but your membership will continue until you cancel it.

Sending mail

  • What is the maximum value allowed for a package?

    The maximum allowed value is unlimited. However, the insured amount is a maximum of € 350. See also the question about insurance.

  • Can I have my newspaper delivered to the Pickup Point?

    This is only possible when the correct address for your Post Address is indicated on the newspaper. A newspaper delivered by a carrier usually doesn’t have this address. However, if the newspaper is delivered through postal mail, it should have the correct address.

  • Can I also send mail and packages that require a signature upon receipt?

    The employees at the pickup points sign on your behalf for the receipt of mail (registered letters) or packages. Shipments with cash-on-delivery are not accepted, as payment needs to be made upon delivery.

  • Is mail delivered under various different names at one address?

    In Germany, you should mention the company name of the post address and below it “z.hd” (which stands for “zur Händen,” meaning “care of”) followed by your name on the Post Address card and the address of your pickup point.

    All mail in the Netherlands must be delivered to the specified address, regardless of the name.

  • Can my first name also be included in the mail?

    The mail can be addressed using either your initials or your first name. Only the last name on the card will be cross-referenced with the last name on the mail.

  • Does the sender accept a different address than my own address details?

    In the Netherlands, you are completely free to provide any random address after your name. Often, you can also choose at webshops whether you want to provide a different address for delivery. For instance, you can have the receipt sent to your home address, or of course, to your Post Address. This doesn’t affect your warranty claims. What matters are the purchase receipt and the warranty certificate, not the address.

    In Germany, it is mandatory to provide the company name of your pickup point followed by “z.hd” (which stands for “zur Händen,” meaning “care of”) and your own name.

  • Who delivers the mail to my Pickup Point?

    The mail and packages intended for your Post Address are delivered to your Pickup Point by all active delivery services such as PostNL, DHL, GPS, DPD, Hermes, and Deutsche Post. does not transport mail itself.

  • Do online stores accept orders to my Post Address?

    Your Post Address is a regular address and is treated by online stores as a residential address, not a P.O. box. Packages are often not sent to P.O. boxes.

  • Why does the sender of a package need to create a shipping label online?

    When the name is not mentioned on the package, the Pickup Point cannot accept it, as it is not clear who the package is intended for. When the sender prints a label online, the name always appears on the package. However, it’s different when the sender sends the package through a branch of PostNL, DHL, and possibly others. When a label is created there, only the address appears on the package. In that case, the sender must ensure that the name is also clearly visible on the package. Online retailers almost always print a label themselves, while individuals sometimes opt to have a label created at the post office (which is more expensive). It would be best to ask the individual sender if they could either frank the package online to you or, alternatively, clearly mention your name on the package.

Restrictions for mail and packages

  • Can I have packages sent to my Postal Address from countries outside the EU?

    Parcels from outside the EU are not allowed, primarily due to the payment of VAT, import duties, clearance fees, and handling charges that need to be paid upon delivery. Even parcels with low value that do not incur delivery charges are excluded because it has been found that it’s often unclear whether there will be additional charges upon delivery or not. For customers, it would be inconvenient if these parcels are not accepted, and additionally, we do not want to burden our Pickup Points with the consequences.

    If you wish to have parcels sent from outside the EU that do not incur any charges upon delivery, you do so at the risk of them being rejected, and our insurance for lost or damaged parcels will not apply in such cases.

    Parcels that incur charges upon delivery will be refused outright.

  • What are the maximum dimensions and maximum weight for letter mail and packages? uses the same definitions as PostNL.

    Letter Mail Not larger than 38 x 26.5 x 3.2 cm (cards: not larger than 23.5 x 16.2 cm). The maximum weight for letters or printed matter is 2 kg, and for mailbox parcels, it’s 3 kg. -Letter mail must fit through the mailbox.

    Package The package may not exceed 100 x 50 x 50 cm in size. The maximum weight is 10 kg. At certain Pickup Points, larger packages can be delivered. For these larger packages, there is a maximum storage period of one week.

    Packages with larger dimensions and weighing more than 20 kg can only be delivered to the Pickup Point with prior consent from the Pickup Point.

  • What is not allowed in the package?

    -Perishable food items

    -Strong-smelling goods

    -Glass bottles containing liquids

    -Legally prohibited items, such as weapons or drugs

    -Materials that are explosive, highly flammable, or toxic


  • What happens to mail that is insufficiently or not properly stamped?

    Mail and packages that are not or insufficiently stamped, and for which the delivery person requests additional payment, will not be accepted and will be sent back to the sender free of charge.

  • Can I have packages sent with cash on delivery to my Postal Address?

    That’s not possible. Packages that require payment at the Pickup Point upon delivery will not be accepted.

  • How can I receive a package that is larger than allowed?

    The maximum dimensions of a package are: 10 kg and 100 x 50 x 50 cm. At certain Pickup Points, larger packages can be delivered. For these larger packages, there is a maximum storage period of one week. If you have a postal address with a different pickup point, you can request a temporary pass via email for one of the above-mentioned pickup points, allowing you to have the larger package delivered there.

    Packages with larger dimensions and weighing more than 20 kg can only be delivered to the pickup point with prior consent from the pickup point.

Collecting mail

  • I am staying abroad for an extended period, can my mail be stored for a longer duration?

    Apart from a few exceptions, Pickup Points do not have holiday closures. During closure days, letter mail is normally delivered and becomes available again after the closed period. We provide existing participants with comprehensive information about any holiday closures on our website.

    For packages, the following can happen:

    -They are re-delivered.

    -A notice is left indicating that the package can be picked up at a depot.

    -They are returned to the sender.

    What occurs depends on the delivery service and the timing of the attempt. Usually, there are only a few days available to pick up packages from the depot before they are returned to the sender. Therefore, it’s better not to have  any packages delivered during this period, as there’s a chance they might be returned to the sender.

    If you still wish to receive packages during this time, we would be glad to provide you with a temporary pass for a different chosen Pickup Point. This will allow you to have your packages delivered there.

    You can also use PostNL’s forwarding service to have your (letter) mail redirected to a different Pickup Point. This service costs approximately €25 per two weeks.

  • I will be staying abroad for an extended period, can my mail be stored for a longer duration?

    The Pickup Point stores your mail and packages for a maximum of 3 months. If not collected in a timely manner, the mail items will be removed from storage. Letter mail will be destroyed, and the cardholder loses ownership of their packages. If you are staying abroad for an extended period, you can make different arrangements with the Pickup Point.

  • For how long will mail be stored at the Pickup Point ?

    Your mail and packages are stored at the Pickup Point for a minimum of three months. For larger packages as indicated on the website, there is a maximum storage period of one week. This gives you plenty of time to collect your mail.

    However, it is mandatory to collect your mail regularly, particularly packages. Letter and mail and packages that have been present for over three months will be removed from storage. This is necessary due to limited storage space.

    Following the reference date, the Pickup Point removes items from storage. Letter mail is destroyed, and you lose ownership of the packages (please refer to our Terms and Conditions).

  • Am I obligated to accept promotional mail?

    You are not obligated to accept mail you do not want. If there is unwanted mail for you, please inform us before the amount is rung up at the cash register or before your card is scanned or needs to be shown. However, once mail is taken or opened, it cannot be returned with a refund of the fee. Unclaimed mail will be destroyed

  • How do I know when my mail has been delivered?

    Packages: The sender will email you (or can do so) with information about the time of shipment and how you can check whether your package has been delivered through the delivery service (e.g., Track & Trace).

    -Letter mail: In regular shipments, the delivery service does not register the mail. Senders of small letter-sized packages usually send a shipment notification (or can do so).

    Your Postal Address functions similarly to a P.O. Box, with the difference that you can usually call most Pickup Points to check if there is mail for you. At some Pickup Points, you receive an additional service of an email notification when a package arrives. You can find a list of these Pickup Points in the Pickup Points overview. If you don’t find a phone number at the Pickup Point, it might be due to organizational reasons that prevent calling.

  • Why can’t I receive my mail without showing the QR code?

    To prevent people from receiving mail intended for someone else, it’s necessary to compare the name on the card with the name on the mail, and if necessary, the card with the QR code needs to be scanned by the counter staff.

  • Can someone else retrieve my mail with my QR code?

    Since we ask for a proof of address or establishment during registration, you won’t need to repeatedly provide identification when collecting your mail later on. This means that the mail can be given to the presenter of the card. It’s not possible to collect mail that has a different last name than the one on the card. A family member can independently request a Postal Address on the website. For using the same email address, please refer to the relevant FAQ

Problem solutions

  • How is my package insured ?

    Every package that arrives at a Pickup Point is insured for a maximum value of €350 against loss and theft for up to 7 days from the moment of arrival. Damage to your package is also insured, but only if it is clear that the damage occurred during the package’s stay at the Pickup Point. You can report loss or damage to us via email. The claim will then be processed with you.

  • What can I do if my letter mail does not arrive?

    Just like a letter sent to your home address that doesn’t arrive (or hasn’t arrived yet), you can contact the sender to inquire or request a new letter. Unlike packages, cannot take responsibility for missing letter mail, as its delivery is not registered by the delivery service and/or its objective value cannot be determined.

  • What can I do if my package hasn’t arrived?

    Errors in handling and distributing mail are rarely made. Often, there’s something else at play:

    -Promises from online shops like “ordered before 17:00, delivered tomorrow” often cannot be fulfilled.

    -The package might not have been sent, despite the seller claiming it was. In such cases, ask for a proof of shipment.

    -The package bears a name that doesn’t match the digital pickup card, such as your birth name or your company’s name. Packages cannot be released in such cases and are often returned due to the recipient being unrecognized.

    -The house number of the Pickup Point is not correctly entered.

    -As a holder of a PostNL account, you will receive an email when a package is sent to the address you provided. At a Pickup Point, it could also be someone else who ordered a package.

    -Several online shops offer the option to have an order sent to a “pickup location” through PostNL. Some Pickup Points also function as PostNL’s “pickup location.” If you select this option during your order and present your digital Post Address card at the Pickup Point, only our own mail stock will be checked. Your package will be with the PostNL stock. You will need identification to collect the package.

    Sometimes, the situation might be entirely unclear. In that case, please contact us via email.

    If your package goes missing or gets damaged during its stay at the Pickup Point, we will compensate for damages up to a maximum of €350.00.

  • What can I do when my package is damaged?

    This depends on how you shipped your package and where it’s coming from. You often have the option to choose insured shipping for your package. In this case, you can handle any damage claims with your sender/supplier. With online retailers, you can typically return goods that have arrived damaged; the sender is responsible for ensuring that the ordered items arrive undamaged. only accepts claims for damage if it is evident that the damage occurred during the package’s stay at the Pickup Point, such as in case of incidents, and if no more than two months have passed since the package arrived at the Pickup Point. To report this damage, you can initially contact us via email. We provide compensation up to a maximum of €350.

  • What can I do if I’ve lost my Post Address card?

    You can always use the received QR code. If you still have a plastic card, a lost card is often left at the pickup point. It’s worth inquiring there.

    If you suspect that someone else could misuse your card by picking up your mail, please send us an email.

Changing information

  • I’m moving, how do I change my information?

    You can change your information, for example, when moving, by logging in to our website. For an address change, you also need to provide a new proof of address.

  • I forgot my password.

    Click on “Forgot password” during the login process.


  • Revoking my registration

    Revoking your registration is only necessary if you have already made a payment. By filling out and submitting your information, you are not obligated to make a payment. Revoking can be done by indicating your revocation via email within fourteen days after registration or after receiving the digital or plastic card. The fee paid by the Cardholder will be refunded within thirty days. At that point, changes the status of your card to “Inactive,” and you will no longer be able to collect mail items at your Pickup Point.

  • How do I terminate/cancel my membership?

    After your application, you become a member for a minimum of 1 year and then indefinitely. After the first year, you can cancel your membership at any time (in writing or by email), but there is a notice period of four weeks. Collected fees will not be refunded to your bank account. The membership ends after the year for which the fee has been paid. You can terminate your membership by emailing

    Once your membership is terminated, your digital card becomes “inactive,” and your submitted data is destroyed. Any remaining mail will be destroyed or returned to the sender. Any incoming mail will also be destroyed or returned. Reapplying is always possible.

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