How it work?

Your Postal Address

  • Your postal address functions as a mailbox; you can provide this address to any sender of your mail or packages.
  • Your postal address consists of your name, followed by the address of the selected Dutch pickup point.
  • Your postal address in Germany consists of the company name of your postal address, followed by c/o (care of) your name, followed by the address, postal code, and city of your chosen German pickup point.”

Applying for a Postal Address

  • Under ‘Apply,’ select your pickup point and fill in your details.
  • You will receive an immediate confirmation and information on how to send proof of address via email.
  • You can make an online payment immediately using I-deal, Bank Contact, Sofort Banking, or credit card.
  • After receiving the payment and address proof, we will activate your account, and within 4 working days, you will receive your digital or (if preferred) plastic card from, which allows you to collect your mail or package at your pickup point.
  • You will become a member for a minimum of 1 year and then indefinitely. After the first year, you can cancel the membership at any time, but there is a notice period of four weeks. Any remaining subscription fees will not be refunded (pro rata) to your bank account.
  • The membership will end after the expiration of the year for which the subscription fee has been paid.

Picking Up Mail

  • The barcode on the digital or plastic card from can be scanned, and you may be asked to sign for receipt.
  • You will pay the pickup fee, and you will receive your mail.


Mail pickup is only possible with your digital or plastic postal address card. Packages (only from EU countries) must not exceed 10 kg in weight and dimensions of 100 x 50 x 50 cm. Some pickup points may accept larger packages up to 20 kg and 175 x 78 x 58 cm.

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