Our Rates

In addition to the grenspostadres.nl membership fee of €19.95 per year, you will be charged a pickup fee per item at the pickup point.

At Grenspostadres.nl, we aim to provide transparent and cost-effective solutions for borderless mail delivery.

Our rates are designed to align with the needs of individual customers and businesses, offering flexibility and value for the services provided.

Pickup Rates for Mail Shipments

The following rates apply when picking up your mail at our pickup points:

Pickup fee per letter/magazine: €0.50 Pickup fee per package (from EU countries): €1.50 Pickup fee for larger packages (from EU countries): €5.00 For a clear understanding of these rates, we’ve provided the following information:

Pickup fee per letter/magazine (€0.50): This rate applies to mail shipments that fit through the mailbox, such as letters, magazines, and other small items.

Pickup fee per package (from EU countries) (€1.50): For packages originating from EU countries, a rate of €1.50 is applied. This applies to packages that do not fit through the mailbox and have a maximum size of 10 kg and 100 x 50 x 50 cm.

Pickup fee for larger packages (from EU countries) (€5.00): Larger packages from EU countries, with dimensions of up to 20 kg and 175 x 78 x 58 cm, are subject to a rate of €5.00. We offer the option to receive these larger packages at specific pickup points. Please remember that these larger packages must be picked up within one week.

All these rates already include VAT.

1-year Membership


Per postal address / Per year

Your choice of postal address in the Netherlands or Germany
Notifications about your mail
Ability to manage your postal addresses
Ability to pick up parcels
Dedicated customer service to answer questions and provide support
Dutch entrepreneurs with a German postal address can reclaim German VAT

*The cost for a plastic grenspostadres.nl card is €5.00 and will be sent to your home address.

*Your membership is valid for one year, after which the fee is billed annually.


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