All the benefits of a grenspostadres

Forwarding Mail After Moving

Forwarding mail from the netherlands after moving to Belgium or Germany for six months costs €253.70 (Postnl forwarding service). Having it forwarded to a Pickup Point and collecting it yourself costs €44.20 (Postnl moving service). Your Post Address saves you a lot of money.”

Shopping at Dutch or German Online Stores

Many online stores do not ship packages abroad. If they do, it’s often at high shipping costs, and your mail or package usually takes a long time to arrive. With a subscription to, you can have your mail or parcel sent to one of our many pickup points in the border region of the Netherlands and Germany. Your chosen pickup point in the border region is the solution, and it’s also available at an extremely reasonable rate.”

Watching Dutch TV Channels

For watching Dutch channels in Belgium and Germany (e.g., via Canaldigitaal or Digitenne), a pickup point from can be used as a registration address.

Using as a Second Post Address

The address of your selected pickup point from can often be used as a postal address for government institutions and some banks. This is convenient, especially when mail to foreign countries takes a long time or when banks charge extra postage fees.

Save on Shipping Costs

Sending mail and packages to an address from abroad can be expensive. You can also have your mail and ordered packages delivered to a pickup point of in the border region of the Netherlands and Germany and pick them up there. With a subscription to Grenspostadres, you can save a lot of money!

Subscribe to Dutch or German Magazines

Subscribing to Dutch or German magazines is often not possible if you want to receive them abroad or is very expensive due to the extra shipping costs. Have your Dutch or German magazines delivered to a Dutch or German pickup point of This way, you can save on costs!

For applying for a mobile phone subscription.

For applying for a Dutch or German mobile phone subscription, you can use the address of’s pickup point as your registration address.

Using as an alternative to a P.O. Box

For a Postnl P.O. Box in the Netherlands or a P.O. Box in Germany, you pay a lot of money. Often, packages cannot be sent there. The address of a pickup point of your choice is a much cheaper alternative.

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